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Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Close Encounter with the 3rd Kind" UFO Illusion and accdng to a's a Flaming Torch Illusion

Note:This photo is straight from camera. (No Photoshop Process/edit)

At last! This is how my mind went when I came upon an image that I dreamt to shoot.
The Water Tower in the center of old Riyadh is a sight to behold because of its unusual resembles a UFO.
I've been living almost 3 years in this middle eastern city but I haven't got the chance to really capture the UFO-illusion that I ought to get on camera. But with utter patience and perseverance plus nature's gift to me (the natural clouds), I somehow arrived on my ideal image of a UFO invasion. But wait, one Riyadh-based friend even suggested a flaming torch illusion that is akin to Olympic games torches. (Thanks Jaevi! for that alternative suggestion). Great Illusion eyes you've got there! :) (Free to download as desktop wallpaper) Click to enlarge..