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Monday, August 30, 2010

Words I LOVE U (The I Heart U shadow Illusion) *Ushaiger Photoadventure 2009

Little surprises usually come from boxes (READ: GIFTS) But tell you, some surprises come from nature and great timing. I have a surprise of my life when we were out on a photography adventure outside Riyadh. It was in Ushaiger, 2 hours from the downtown capital of Saudi Arabia. It was near-winter when we went there. Ushaiger has an old mud village and it is unoccupied. The eerie silence brings you to the past where people from all walks of life once existed. It was an historical compound made of mud houses and so I traversed into its walls and hidden rooms. One thing that made me surprised was when I climb a wall and when I looked down I saw a wall shadow illusion created by the sun. It was heart-shaped. So what I did was positioned myself into "I" and "U"...soon it resulted to I HEART U or I LOVE U illusion. It was indeed a surprise in my photographic life. It was magical. An awesome sign. I'm sure, pretty sure, i can't do this anymore since it's just occasional when we go for photography adventure plus the place is kind of strange to me, being situated in the middle of deserts. This is a priceless shot and an unforgettable experience so to speak.