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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Meal (The Island Monster Illusion)

Welcome to my "Illusion Lens" blog which features my natural illusion photography shots. This is my second blogspot to date. The other one,, is dedicated only for Photoshop Manipulation. So, the two blogs are completely on the opposite sides of the coin, so to speak. One is heavy on Photoshop while the other is Photoshop effects-free.
Other than photography and manipulation, I love writing so much but don't you worry this blog will be more on the experiences I encountered during my search for natural illusions or natural accidents which may contribute to the excitement on this blog. You will be spared with lengthy sentences. :)
My first post here is one of my favorite illusion shots to date. I found it somewhere in Aklan, Philippines where magnificent nature's bounties abound. Armed with a Nikon D90 and a Tokina 80-200 telephoto lens, I ventured forth on a boat ride and was overwhelmed with what I saw before my very eyes. I was caught up in an image of an illusionary monster island complete with eyes, hair, mouth and broken teeth and as if it wanted to swallow a fisherman nearby as its hearty meal. Needless to say, it was a worthwhile experience and the photo is timeless and very rare for me. Without that fisherman, it could have been different. Well, thanks to life's little yet awesome coincidences that could turn photographs into memorable illusions. You can click the image to download as a wallpaper for free of course. More Natural illusion soon. Watch Out! :D

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