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Monday, May 31, 2010

Darkness Versus Light (The League of the Heavens)


Deafening cheers. Head-turning movements. Agony and glory.
All of these are present in a volleyball match especially when two teams are at par with each other. With my fellow Kubo Photography Group members, I had the chance to photograph a volleyball league for women in a place where sandstorms are frequent.
So, I went one Friday afternoon when the sky was kind of unpredictable. The first game started with Mr. Sun still watching over the players, making them sweat, but suddenly, like an apocalyptic movie effect unfolding, an approaching sandstorm enveloped the blue sky. We thought it would rain and stop the games.
All of a sudden, it dawned on me that the dramatic sky could tell a story. So I positioned myself to where I can see an illusion of a seemingly "player cloud" spike a "cloud ball" while the other "player cloud" in the offensive side takes dire action. So, I set the camera settings to my own desires and took a shot. I was shocked to see the result and I'm so happy to have it on my collection of illusions. Behold Darkness Versus Light (The League of the Heavens)... You may click the photos to enlarge. :)

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