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Monday, June 14, 2010

Fireball Attack Illusion (When Landscapes Speed Up)--Hyperspeed-Motorcyle Series

A motorcycle ride in the countryside is an enjoyable trip for a photographer like me. For one, I can ride hanging from the outside and get to view the vista around me freely :) Plus, I can create unique 'hyper-speed' photography since tricycles come in varied designs. Some are adorned with stickers just like the blue fireball stuck on a rooftop of one during my trip in a far-flung area in my hometown. Shooting 'hyper-speed' is tricky. So, with the right technique and settings plus a good hand stability, I get to capture a dramatic zoom effect as if the tricycle driver is Captain Spock of Star Trek and the motorcyle the Starship Enterprise:P So, here's the part 1 of of my Hyperspeed-Motorcycle ride series . Love to collect unique shots like this. :)

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