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Friday, June 18, 2010

St George and the Dragon Cloud Illusion (A Fairy-Tale book Story in the Sky)

No two clouds are exactly alike.
Remember when you were small and you have your notebook in hand memorizing the different kinds of clouds? Little as we were, we tried to put into our head some alien words like cumulus, stratos, altocumulus and altostratus to name a few. Cryptic language, eh! And of course, we were forced to imagine or visualize every cloud formation so once the teacher asks us, we will not be cornered with a blank sky in our minds.
Now, zoom to the present and the clouds will be your bestfriend if you are a nature or landscape photographer unless you like Photoshop to do it for you but then that would be unnatural.
Cloud formations are actually rich in illusions. Every child in us could have spent daydreaming and watching fancy clouds like faces or animals of any kind under bright cloudy skies.
Though cloud photography alone is usual and ordinary, one could create stories out of two combinations. I tried this myself creating a story by combining my two cloud shots taken in a span of just 3 weeks and the result is St. George and the Dragon with Knight George ready to slain the dragon with his cumulus sword. So Dream on and create your own fairy-tale cloud stories. Fin. :)

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