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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Way to Heaven... (Pointing Hand in the Sky Illusion)

(NOTE: Photo taken straight from camera. No Post Process.)

Cloud formations can surprise you anytime.
Without you knowing it, you are being showed with a baby figure or teddy bear (How cute ) or a smiley face (that's more cute..cuter, to be exact).
Personally, cloud formations surprise me most of the time. Back in 2009 during the 2nd day of Ramadan month, I opted to open my flat window to check out the crescent moon. In the Islam world, the appearance of a crescent moon starts the Ramadan month.
With a beautiful sky and a mosque located near in front of my flat's building, I was in for a BIG surprise: a packet of clouds seemed to point to heaven while the crescent moon glows just above it. So I took my camera and aimed for a composition but had a hard time to fit all three elements (the mosque, cloud hand and crescent moon) in one image. One solution for me was to tilt my camera and the result was awesome! As it turned out the tilt made my photo more dramatic as the cloud hand seem to point towards heaven, giving meaning for a Ramadan theme. After a few seconds, the cloud hand divided and then disappeared but I was happy to achieve that one-in-a million-image. :) Just check out below my previous post St. George and the Dragon of what I really mean when you are cornered with fancy clouds. Indeed, nature gives us puzzle images for us to capture and share to the world. Click on! :)

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