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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reversed Landscape (an unusual camera trick without Photoshop and filters)

(*Note: No Photoshop effects and no filters used in this photo. Straight from the camera)

Photography in itself is full of tricks. There are too many to play with such as shadows, lines, colors, movements, perspectives, gravity work, physics in general and more. For one, you could play with reflections. With a sharp eye and creativity, one can arrive into awe-inspiring images that look tricky and illusionary for the viewers. Droplets, mirrors, buildings with glass windows and large bodies of water can give you reflections that somehow could give impact on your photos. Here is my Reversed Landscape photography that I took just 5 minutes walk from home. It's a fish farm with lots of subjects to dwelve upon but it took time for me to figure out how can I create one illusionary image in one setting in a muddy area. My movements are somehow limited or else I'll get stuck.
What you see in reality is a photo without the use of any lens filters and not even a click using Photoshop. Tricky? It's kind of playing time with my Crystal Eye (camera) but the result wowed me and hope you find it puzzling yet fun. I'll leave you to imagine and experiment how I did it. Indeed, magic tricks via camera button clicks. Happy New Year from me and Illusion Lens! More soon.

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