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Friday, May 13, 2011

Cotton/Cloud-like River Flow

Waterfalls and rivers are my favorite nature spots. For one, the places refresh my spirit and of course, it gives me a great photography opportunity there is--long exposure shots with its raging motion. Motion, as we know it, is one photography marvel in which we can play upon, of course, with our tricks and techniques. The cotton-like images it gives us usually left photo viewers amazed with wonderment. Long exposure in the forest can be greatly enhanced with the the semi-darkness it gives plus the use of any ND filters can give us more stops so the longer the beautiful and cloudy it gets. So, illusion or not, waterfalls and rivers are your bestfriends in terms of nature photography and in Negros Occidental, Philippines (capital Bacolod) countless waterfalls abound it in its forests. To name a few, there are twin waterfalls of Kipot, the 7 waterfalls of Mambukal and the Patag "Pulang Tubig" waterfalls with its immense length and power. Just an hour flight from Manila, you'll gonna enjoy the adventure plus the serenity of the places :)

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